Exam Nerves & Study Focus Hypnotherapy

School or University exams, Law exams, Accountancy, City exams, Marketing, The Knowledge, to name a few… we can help
Bonita and the Associates in London are qualified NLP & Learning Coaches and have successfully helped many  clients over the years to pass exams with excellent results.

Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere
Chinese Proverb

Are you having problems studying?  Do you find yourself sitting for hours but nothing is going in?  Or you know your ‘stuff’ but are dreading the actual exam day(s) when your mind might ‘go blank’? We can help, through our exam nerves hypnotherapy and NLP.

If you find you are having problems studying and remembering, through our exam nerves hypnotherapy and NLP, your learning style can be tailored to suit you individually, so you take in information the ‘right way’, not the ‘wrong way’.  This can be the difference between having easy recall or a blank mind. Forgetting something you wanted to remember is just the brain’s way of saying you put it in the right place in the wrong way or in the wrong place in the right way!  We can assess which way is the right way for you, how to structure your notes and understand the keys to learning in an optimal state, so you can recall easily and confidently.

Exam nerves hypnotherapy and NLP to alleviate exam nerves, can also help to build confidence and focus for the actual exam day(s), removing any fear, so instead of anxiety and nerves affecting your recall, you could enter the exam feeling calm, focused and confident in yourself and knowledge.

We can’t give you the information you need to pass the exam, but what is possible is to give you the tools, techniques and confidence required to allow that information to flow like a fountain when the crucial day arrives.

Exam nerves hypnotherapy & NLP for exam nerves helps by:

  • Teaching keys to learning
  • Tailoring study methods to your own individual learning style
  • Strategies and how to use them to assist recall and improve focus
  • Increase motivation levels to improve preparation
  • Remove any fears and nerves leading up to and during the exam day(s)
  • Increase confidence and self belief

Why risk nerves and pressure getting the better of you? We would be honoured to help you as we have helped numerous clients over the years who successfully passed their exams and are now living fulfilled lives in good careers.

We look forward to helping you through our exam nerves hypnotherapy.

Bonita & the Associates in London

Some of our Exam Nerves Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Hi Bonita, thanks so much for your help, I resat my SFA (Financial exam) which I've passed and I felt a lot more focused and calm this time around, so different to the last time.  I feel so relieved it's over and done with now, I wish I'd have found you first time around.  Thanks again.

Email from Law Student:  The tools and tips you have taught me have really helped me to recall the information I have been studying, so important with the large volume of information I've had to take on board.  The exam also went well, I was a lot more relaxed and confident in my knowledge. Really useful stuff, thanks alot.

Text from Scuba Diving Test client, treated day before test and prior to going to Egypt, to be fully qualified to do Scuba Diving. just to say many thanks for helping me to overcome my fear of taking off my mask underwater, putting it back on and clearing whilst taking my Padi Open Water Diving Course for my test.   After seeing you I did it in a calm, relaxed way and am very happy.   Thanks again.