Bulimia Hypnotherapy

Bonita and Celia are both qualified in Medical Hypnotherapy as Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy Specialists with over ten years experience in this field of therapy.

Does your bulimia feel like it is running your life and not you? Do you want to feel back in control, calm around food and just in general in life? Would you like to feel balanced and 'normal' throughout your day? If so, we hope that we can help you through our Bulimia Hypnotherapy.

Bulimia can be a highly distressing condition, which can seriously take over and run your life. In extreme cases, it may also be life threatening. Bulimia is characterised by episodes of binge-eating followed by compensatory methods of either vomiting, fasting, enemas, excessive use of laxatives and diuretics, and/or compulsive exercising.

Your eating is most likely not a response to intense hunger, it is usually a response to depression, stress, or self esteem issues. During the binge episode, you probably experience a loss of control and/or may also experience a real "rush" or a feeling of anticipation in the build up.

We understand that bulimia can feel very isolating and the shame associated with it impacts on confidence and the inability to talk openly about it.

At Hypnotherapy Associates we can help you to move beyond these feelings and overcome the urge to binge and purge. We have vast experience in treating the condition through our bulimia hypnotherapy, and have successfully treated thousands of clients over the years, we therefore, understand the various aspects of the condition. With the right support, understanding and care, also utilising appropriate techniques in a secure environment, bulimia hypnotherapy can move you from what seems ‘out of control’ and irrational behaviour, to confidence and self control. You too can free from this debilitating condition

We have been treating bulimia with hypnotherapy and NLP for over a decade and are very proud of the high number of successful clients who leave our clinic free of this debilitating disorder, empowered and comfortable in themselves, sometimes for the first time in their life.

Bulimia Hypnotherapy and NLP help by:

  • Removing the desire to overeat, you feeling in control, not the food
  • Removing the desire to eat sugary/fatty foods
  • Using visualisation to form a positive self image
  • Providing motivation to lead a healthier life style
  • Producing stronger feelings of strength and determination
  • Improving self esteem, confidence and positive thinking
  • Improving stress levels & giving you tools & techniques to cope with stress
  • Resolving any past events which maybe connected to the bulimia if applicable

We hope to have the opportunity to free you from your bulimia through our Bulimia Hypnotherapy.  Do contact us and we will be happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bonita & Celia

Some of our Bulimia Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Email from client:  Bonita, just a quick message to say ’thank you’ for the help you gave me last year. Since seeing you for the trouble I was having with my bulimia, I have had the best six months in ten years free from the bulimia that had caused me so much misery previously. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that your help has made a massive difference to my life 
In response to a request to use this testimonial publicly:  Of course, the more people that can benefit from the services you offer the better, particularly those suffering with eating disorders.

Text message from a female client who recovered from bulimia: Bonita, Thanks so much for the help you gave me it has made such a difference to my life. I no longer binge and purge, I'm enjoying taking care of myself. I am also a lot more sociable with others at university, rather than locking myself away and binging as I had done previously, I've now got a good circle of friends.  Thanks again.
CB (Student of Medicine)

Email from client recovered from bulimia:  I'd just like to say thank you for your help. In 5 years of trying nothing has been able to stop this vicious cycle until now.
I haven't had the urge to binge and purge since I saw you. I was even out drinking at a restaurant, a usual high trigger situation, but had no urge to over eat and binge.
I can't thank you enough for the huge weight you have lifted. I feel I can fully recover from this cycle I never thought I would never be able to break.
It's really amazing how much this has helped.

I came to Bonita to try and overcome an eating disorder I had been battling with for about 15 years. Previously I had done so many different therapies over the past 10 years, all in the hope that I could be finally free from the hold my ED had over me, but nothing I had done was long-lasting and I always ending up being pulled back in. My time spent with Bonita was truly life changing for me, completely life changing, something I never thought I would say. What I learnt in our sessions not only banished my ED completely from my life, but also helped me overcome my horrible anxiety and other difficult symptoms of my Bipolar, which I always faced daily, and I have never felt so content, happy and free from fear than EVER in my life. This is, hands down, the best thing I have done for myself and I couldn't recommend Bonita enough. She will change your life and free you from the relentless shackles of your mind. I am finally free and I can't thank her enough!
AB, London