Blushing Hypnotherapy

Is your blushing driving you crazy?  Has it become what seems like a vicious circle, the more you fear the blushing the more you blush? If so, we hope to help you through our Blushing Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching..

Blushing can have a big impact on your life, it can hold you back from progressing in your career, from engaging socially or being spontaneous, for example, speaking up in meetings or socially. This in turn may effect your self esteem.

Bonita in The Telegraph advising on Hypnotherapy for blushing
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At Hypnotherapy Associates we fully understand how blushing can make you feel and what a restriction it can seem to have on your life. The problem is a lot more common than you think. You are not alone. We have successfully treated thousands of ‘blushers’ through our Blushing Hypnotherapy who are now ‘ex blushers’!

Blushing can be erratic, you don’t know when it might ‘creep up’ on you. Through our Blushing Hypnotherapy and Blushing NLP you can begin to respond differently at times when you used to blush. Blushing Hypnotherapy and Blushing NLP removes the old fear and worry of going into old ‘trigger’ situations which previously made you blush, to a sense of calm and confidence, where you feel in control and unaware of yourself. You will begin to sense a shift in your focus, away from blushing, to being more focused in the moment, relaxed and comfortable.

Blushing Hypnotherapy and Blushing NLP also helps to increase overall confidence and self esteem, which improves success rates further as well as removing the habit itself.

So if you feel your ready for change, and our Blushing Hypnotherapy and NLP sounds like it could be the right treatment for you, do get in contact.  We hope to help you too.

Blushing Hypnotherapy & Blushing NLP helps by:

  • Reducing sensitivity to trigger situations & the fear of blushing
  • Reframing negative thought processes to more positive, empowering ones
  • Stimulating a calmer, more comfortable sense of 'self' in trigger situations
  • Reducing feelings of isolation
  • Increasing inner confidence & self esteem
  • Accessing any underlying causes
  • Gaining control over unconscious reactions

Most clients benefit from about 3 to 5 sessions with the majority attending around 5 sessions for permanent success. This is our average amount of sessions for Blushing Hypnotherapy but each client is different, so do enquire and we will tailor your treatment to your individual requirements.

We hope we can be part of your journey. We look forward to hearing from you.


Some of our Blushing Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Text from client: Hi Bonita, I had my meeting this morning and it went brilliant, no real nerves.  I didn’t go red, nicely paced.  Thanks so much.

Email from client:  Hi Bonita, thanks so much for your help, it worked better than I thought it would.  I know I was hard work sometimes and sceptical but the proof has been enough to turnaround that scepticism!  I felt comfortable with my boss and the senior guys at work, I didn’t go red and spoke clearly and confidently with them over the last few weeks, anyway, more importantly, the wedding went fantastically!  Woohoo, no crazy red face in the pictures, seriously, that’s how I thought I would look, anyway, I didn’t think about the blushing or when I did, it was like thinking of me in the past but different now.  I’m so relieved, thanks so much again, when the pictures are delivered I will email you one as proof! 

Email from client: It was my first time being hypnotised and I was quite worried but was made to feel relaxed with Bonita within seconds.  My blushing has been a problem for a while and I cannot believe how much it has helped me.  I would recommend it to anyone. 

"Caroline was absolutely fantastic, throughout. She is such a gentle, caring, attentive listener and provided a safe, comfortable environment in which to explore the issues we were looking into. She is extremely insightful and has a great understanding of the subconscious and how to counter automatic/negative thought patterns and behaviours. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and, although it seemed quite subtle, was extremely powerful. I felt that I had a real breakthrough after only a few sessions with Caroline, after years of really worrying about an issue. I would wholeheartedly recommend Caroline to anyone wishing to explore any issue, no matter what that may be. If you are sceptical, I would suggest you try a few sessions with Caroline and, if your experience is like mine, you will be very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you so much Caroline."