Pain Management Hypnotherapy

Are you in constant pain?  Does it seem to be taking over your life so you can't think about anything else?

When we have permanent pain, we may feel we'll do almost anything to stop it. Through Pain Management Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, you can learn to modify the intensity of the pain.  

Pain is a message, often a very vital one, to let us know something is wrong and needs to be mended.  For example, if we fall and break an arm or a leg, the pain we experience lets us know that something is wrong that needs attention and time to heal.

The problem happens when we continue experiencing chronic pain when the body has healed, but the feeling of the pain remains, causing further distress.

Through hypnotherapy for Pain Management we can unravel and differentiate between 'useful' and necessary pain and the kind of pain that is connected with our emotions and memories, evoked by the original cause, whether accident or illness.  

It is important to realise that pain is a complex construct, composed of past remembered pain, present pain, and of anticipated future pain and is actually a subjective experience.  We all experience pain in our own way, and experience it differently in different circumstances. 

It is our unique experience of pain, whatever the cause, that can actually give us the means to manage it or even let it go completely.

Research has shown that pain may be regarded in terms of 3 categories:

Temporal terms:  Transient, re-current, persistent, acute, chronic.

Emotional terms:  Irritating, troublesome, all-compelling, in-capacitating, distressing, depressing, intractable and vitally dangerous.

Sensational terms:  Dull, heavy, dragging, cutting, twisting, burning, nagging, stabbing, lancing, biting, cold, hot, hard, grinding, throbbing, gnawing.

When we describe our pain in our own words, we can begin to have an understanding of it and through Pain Management Hypnotherapy, we are able to find a safe, comfortable place, to detach from the pain and manage it, rather than feeling controlled by it.

Pain Management Hypnotherapy & NLP can help by:

  • Understanding the pain in sensational terms and through that understanding, have the ablity to change these sensations in hypnosis
  • Lessening the impact of the pain through calibration (i.e. being able to bring down the level of pain through visualisation and a variety of NLP techniques)
  • Being able to understand which part of the pain is linked with past memories or future fears and through letting these go, manage any remaining feelings of pain that are left, much more comfortably
  • Enabling you to find a safe, comfortable place through the relaxation that hypnosis produces

We have seen many clients over the years with much success and substantial relief of their pain.  We hope that we can help you through our Pain Mangement Hypnotherapy too.

Most clients benefit from 4-6 sessions to obtain a good level of relief but this can vary for each individual.  We tailor the Pain Management Hypnotherapy to suit you as an individual so do contact us with your requirements and we can give you a clearer idea of how we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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