Career Coaching & Life Coaching

Bonita is a Qualified Transformative Coach with immense experience working with clients from all backgrounds, whether you are an actor, banker, retailer to PA, coaching could be the help you are looking for.

Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today…

With career coaching hypnotherapy, you to can enjoy work successDo you feel frustrated by your lack of progress in either your current job or moving forward to another?  Would you like to do something different but find yourself never ‘getting around to it’? Coaching could be the answer you are looking for…

Procrastination and lack of motivation are the first stumbling blocks to moving forward to a more rewarding work life.  Coaching helps to resolve what is behind this lack of motivation.  Confidence above all is a key starting point. With improved confidence you will begin to want to take control of your career, not accept what the boss or HR decides for you.  With renewed confidence it will feel right to be assertive and ‘proactive’ in your career, not just something you see others doing.

Being offered exciting new opportunities, getting promoted and meeting interesting people could be a possibility for you, not just for other people.

Through our Coaching you will learn how to create your own luck, not leave your career and life to chance.  

Bonita advises how to change career later in life in this Article in the Age UK pulication:

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Life Coaching and Career Coaching helps by:

  • Confidence – we will work on any barriers which are holding you back and enhance your self esteem to feel worthy of potential success
  • Create a vision of where you want to be
  • Look at your strengths & weaknesses, analysing your personal style so you are working to your strengths and developing areas where you are weak
  • Become aware of what excites and motivates you
  • Be ready to put the work in to get what you want
  • Increase motivation and energy to work and step out of an old 'comfort zone'

After our Career Coaching, we hope to help you to be walking, talking and thinking confidently, you will actually want to stand out from the crowd.

You have one life, make dreams a reality.  If you are fed up with saying to yourself ’I’ll do it tomorrow’ but that time never comes, give us a call, now is the time.

Career Coaching combines a mixture of hypnotherapy and NLP and gives you the space to reflect on your true potential and discover talents and resources within you which maybe have been dormant until now.

The typical number of career coaching sessions required is dependent on what you want to achieve, you can book for just one session for a confidence ‘top-up’, i.e. you are happy in your role but feel you need an energy lift.  If you require more in-depth work to prepare yourself for a promotion, launching a new career or life change, we may want to work together over a longer period to allow you to get to where you want to be.  

We hope to hear from you and help you on your life's journey

Bonita & Celia

Some of our Coaching testimonials:

Through Bonita’s help I committed to doing far more than I would have done on my own.  I was surprised by how easy it felt as well. Though I had a lot to do I wanted to put the work in.  I also felt deserving of being successful for the first time in my life, I felt proud of my achievements. 

My background was probably pretty working class so I never saw myself as being capable of running my own business. We worked on this and it felt so liberating. We also put goals in place, which I worked to and through the character strengths test I realised I wasn’t being fulfilled working for somebody else.   

I now run my own Employment Law Firm and at the same time moved back to my home city, got married to my beautiful wife and I now have two wonderful children. I couldn’t imagine being back in my old position and my old life where I felt so bored and demoralised.  I knew I had a ‘brain’ but needed the confidence to fully utilise it!  Thanks again Bonita, you helped change my life!

Hi Bonita, your approach suited me absolutely and your 'first hand' knowledge of the work environment certainly helped.  I’m more than happy to write this testimonial for you, the more people it can help the better. 

Being a female working in the city in IT, I often felt I was ‘fighting my corner’ everyday at work.  I would see other employees I felt weren’t as knowledgeable as me getting promoted and acting very confidently.  I was probably a victim of my own self.  I knew I could do the job they were promoted for, but never had the courage and belief to go for it. 

My frequent saying to myself was ‘When I’ve done more work in that area I’ll go for it’ or ‘When I get that extra qualification I’ll know enough to do it’.  The silly thing was, I didn’t need those things, I was good enough already.  Bonita, you made me feel ‘good enough’ for the first time in my life.  It wasn’t in the future when I lost weight, wasn’t so tired, got that extra experience, you allowed me to believe I had it already.  I am now in a new position at a Global Corporate, earning £10k more, and feel comfortable in my knowledge and giving direction.  I've also met a guy, fallen in love and we have moved in together!!  Brilliant! Thanks so much.

Recommendation on LinkedIn: I have had several therapy sessions with Bonita which were very therapeutic and memorable.

I recently consulted with her in regard to a health media product that I am researching and she consistently demonstrated a total understanding of the cognitive process, her expertise in hypnotherapy and a complete comprehension of ethical business practice.

I would highly recommend her for therapy and consulting in regard to hypnotherapy and health and wellbeing related matters, I will continue to use her services from myself and my staff.
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The coaching we did together has genuinely been life changing for me. I feel so much more grounded and have a new level of calmness and confidence. Amazing, I can’t thank you enough. I’m sure this is just the start of the journey, and I continue to remind myself of the principles and talk to others about them too. Hopefully I will continue to grow and benefit from different ways of thinking.  I’m very excited about my new role, a senior consultancy position, which my new level of confidence certainly helped me to achieve.