Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Bonita and her Associates at Hypnotherapy Associates have over ten years experience in the weight loss field. We are Weight Loss Experts utilising all the latest advances in Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss NLP, along with in-depth knowledge of the psychology of overeating

Bonita and her Associates have helped literally thousands of clients through their expert weight loss hypnotherapy and hypnosis to lose many pounds, and we are talking pounds from their weight, not from the purse!

Does it seem that your weight fluctuates more than the stock market?  Do you feel you could write a diet book yourself, could probably advise everyone you know about weight and how to lose it but for some reason, even though you ‘know’ what to do, you don’t do it?

Weight loss hypnotherapy in London

Whether you have a few pounds to lose,  or a few stone, or maybe just want to cut out sugar and sweets and 'bad habit' type foods, we can help.  We bring you the complete approach to being slim, healthy and balanced, emotionally and physically.

What may come as a surprise is that being overweight and overeating, probably isn’t entirely your fault!  Beating yourself up about being useless, lazy, ugly to name a few of the harsh names we call ourselves is (1) not working, (2) not motivating, (3) actually making losing weight harder and (4) you are likely to be none of those things.

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four, unless there are three other people.
Orson Wells

So why aren't the diets working?  The thing is ‘physically’ diets do work, the basic equation of eat less equals weigh less is correct, but, the problem is the psychological aspect.  We do not ‘disagree’ with diets, but what we do agree with is addressing the psychological aspects of dieting and weight to allow the diets to give you long lasting results you want, not just short term.  Weight Loss Hypnotherapy for weight management also allows you to feel good while on a diet and not deprived, or if you do not chose a diet but just want a balanced healthy eating and lifestyle plan, we can tailor our weight loss hypnotherapy sessions to fit your wishes. We work with clients on diets such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Lighter Life etc as well as those who would just like a healthier relationship with food and who want to feel more in control. You are the client, the type of weight loss hypnotherapy is your choice.

So why does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy work so well for weight control?

People say that losing weight is no walk in the park. When I hear that I think, yeah, that’s the problem.
Chris Adams

Weight Loss Hypnosis works with the ‘unconscious’ part of your mind to help bring about change.  The ‘unconscious’ part of our mind stores your beliefs, habits, memories and values about yourself and food.  If our 'unconscious' mind has a different ‘agenda’ to the conscious mind it creates internal conflict.

Have you ever heard yourself thinking and saying “I just can’t stop eating. The more I try the harder it is?”  This is because the ‘unconscious’ mind is still moving you towards food, making it a battle to lose weight.  Through Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, we work with the unconscious mind, where we help to change your inner feelings and thoughts around food, we work to make sense of what the ‘unconscious’ is doing, resolving conflict and through this process the ‘unconscious’ mind becomes aligned with the conscious mind to bring about positive change on all levels which results in easy weight loss.

Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us 
Peter De Vries

Through our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy you can learn how powerful your thoughts are and then harness this power to focus on what you want. Your unconscious mind will have the directions to the healthier outcomes you desire, and can change your behaviors to allow you to reach your weight loss goal, making permanent weight loss a reality!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss NLP for weight management help by:

  • Removing the desire to overeat
  • Removing the desire to eat sugary/fatty foods
  • Using visualisation to form a positive self image
  • Providing motivation to exercise & lead a healthier life style
  • Producing stronger feelings of strength and determination
  • Improving self esteem, confidence and positive thinking
  • Improving stress levels & giving you tools & techniques to cope with stress
  • Resolving any past events which maybe connected to weight gain if applicable

Through our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy process you can feel in control of yourself, your weight and your life.  Why wait any longer for the real slimmer you to start living …

We have helped literally thousands of clients over the years to lose weight and go on to enjoy a fulfilled, successful life.  We hope you give us the opportunity to help you too........

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

Bonita & her Associates

Some of our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy testimonials:

After just one session with Bonita I stopped overeating on sweet and savoury snacks that previously had been so hard to stop. We also addressed my ‘emotional’ eating. I feel fantastic and have lost my excess weight. It’s  a miracle! 

Text from client: Hi Bonita, the weight loss has been amazing, 1.5 stone lighter over 6 weeks and it feels easy!  Why hadn’t I come to you before after years of battling!  Thanks so much Bonita. 

Email from client: Bonita has made a wonderful impact on my eating habits. I used to fear food so much and was just completely out of control of it to a point of being afraid around food. After just 2 sessions I cannot believe how much I managed to get into a good habit of eating and losing my unwanted pounds effortlessly. As an added bonus my confidence shot up and my whole life feels more successful and happier. I would recommend Bonita to anyone who would like to lose weight, develop healthy eating habits and turn your life around.   

Email from weight loss client who also previously lacked confidence to go to the gym & exercise:  Bonita, just thought I would update you on my 'progress'.  So far I have lost 2 stone and gone down nearly 2 dress sizes.  I'm still going to the gym twice a week and the last 4 weeks I have been going to Zumba, 3 of those weeks I have been on my own so there has been a huge increase in confidence too. 
So, thankyou very much for the help and advice you gave me, it' s the best choice I ever made coming to see you.

Email from Weight Loss Client posted on Linked In:
“I used Celia for hypnotherapy treatment for myself (for weight loss) and for my son (for fear of flying). Both treatments have been very effective, and had lasting results.” May 8, 2011
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