Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

Do you find yourself getting nervous just thinking about a plane or flying?  Do you ‘self medicate’ before and during a flight with alcohol and/or prescription drugs?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, we can help through our fear of flying hypnotherapy.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy is a very successful treatment, a fear of flying can be treated in as little as one session and generally, no more than 3 are required.

So how does our Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy,NLP and coaching work? Hypnotherapy and NLP bypass the conscious mind to work directly with the ‘unconscious’ part of the mind where the fear is stored. Through hypnotherapy we will work to change your automatic response to flying, from being nervous to feeling calm and looking forward to travelling. We will also resolve any past trauma, if applicable which may have been the cause of the fear of flying.

Through our Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy and NLP to overcome your fear, you can begin to feel like a confident flyer. Through the use of these two techniques, which retrain the unconscious mind, you will be able to see flying as a more enjoyable, rational, comfortable experience.  The majority of successful clients report feeling calm and confident while booking and during the flight.  Many can’t believe how nervous they used to be because they feel so different now.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy can help by:

  • Reducing sensitivity to trigger situations (i.e. while booking the flight, seeing an aeroplane etc).
  • Stimulating calmer, more rational thought processes
  • Accessing any underlying causes if applicable
  • Gaining control over 'unconscious' reactions
  • Increasing levels of calm
  • Increasing confidence and self belief
  • Removing any barriers to change
  • Eliminating irrational fears

We have seen and treated literally thousands of clients over the years that have overcome their fear of flying and have gone on to enjoy flying and feel confident when travelling. If  you are ready let go of this fear, once and for all, do contact us. You too can be one of many successful clients who are enjoying the freedom of flying.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy takes in general, only one to three sessions.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Some of our Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Text on arriving at destination sent to Bonita after one session treating an extreme flying phobia:
‘Thought I would let you know that I was 70% better on the flight here.  I didn’t get scared except take off but that was more anxiety about not having had my alcohol to get on the plane in the first place, thanks so much.
Bonita went on to treat the client to move her to 100% better after the second session!

Postcard from Sardinia tfrom a client previously experiencing an extreme flying phobia:
'Thank you ever so much for getting me this far! Having a fab time!

Postcard of Eastbourne from fear of travel client: Hi Celia, 
Good trip down to Eastbourne very relaxing.   Many thanks.

I can now comfortably travel on a plane after years of an increasing phobia of flying!  The phobia grew after I had children so each family holiday or weekend trip, instead of looking forward to it, I dreaded it.  After just one session with Bonita the feeling and thoughts just changed, I couldn't even get the old anxious, butterflies in tummy feeling back.  I have now flown comfortably many times.  I feel so relieved and grateful.  Thanks Bonita

Email from Fear of Flying Client
I used Celia for hypnotherapy treatment for my son (for fear of flying).  The treatment has been very effective, and had lasting results.
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Email from Fear of Flying Client
I did it!!!  Flight on the way out was better than coming home but regardless, I did it and have you to thank. I kept repeating all the things you told me. I kept saying to myself, hand the worry over to the experts...you are on the safest form of transport...this plane is built to sustain ten times this amount of turbulence!
Thanks once again.

I have to say our session together made a huge impact. I didn’t take any medicine for the flight, and for the first time in years I was able to stand in the aisle to just stretch my legs and look down the plane!
While listening I kept hearing in my mind something about unconditional safety, and that I’m unconditionally safe which actually made me quite tearful for a few minutes as-well! I also felt sparks of enjoyment throughout the flight from that feeling of safety which was really great.  Thank you so much Bonita.