So what can I expect?

How much is each session?

Please see the individual therapist pages as prices differ between Ipswich and London.

What typically happens in a hypnotherapy session?

At the initial consultation we will discuss with you what you want to achieve through hypnotherapy.  We will then begin to assess your problem through a series of questions, taking details of your history connected with the issue and your psychological health. Whilst doing so we will also explain how the mind and therapy works, so you feel informed and comfortable at all times.  From this information we should be able to give you a guide to the amount of sessions required and for you to have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, express any concerns etc.  We will also introduce you to hypnosis during this first session.

Subsequent sessions consist of discussion time of your progress and any changes you have noticed, as well as areas you may still need further progress on.  Wtih each subsequent session we will be continually moving you towards your goal, we very much work together, this is your therapy and therefore your input on your progress and any concerns are taken seriously and welcomed.

Typical Length of a Hypnotherapy session?

The first session is 1.5hrs and thereafter each session is 1hr.  Longer sessions can be booked where there are time constraints i.e. for our National / International clients who may only be in London or the country for a short period.

Smoking Cessation Sessions are 2 hrs

How can we check your Qualifications?

We have links to the Governing Bodies we are registered with above, so you can check our listing and also our certificates are clearly displayed in our offices for your reassurance.

Validity of Testimonials?

Our Testimonials are randomly checked by our Governing Bodies, the GHSC and the
CNHC, whereby, we need to be able to provide evidence to verify the authenticity of the testimonial so you can rest assured that they are truthful and honest.

What are the typical number of sessions required?

This depends on the condition we are treating and the severity.  Phobias are treated generally in about 1-3 sessions and smoking in one session, whereas eating disorders and addictions for example benefit from a minimum, generally, of 3 as well as career coaching etc..  We are happy to see clients on a long or short term basis depending on your needs.  Please see the individual therapy pages for further information and do contact us with your individual needs.

Will I feel safe?  Are your clinics located in central locations?

Yes, we want you to feel safe and comfortable at all times.  Our clinics are clean and fresh, designed with your comfort in mind and are based in central locations. Your comfort and safety are our number one priority. We are warm, open Hypnotherapists with vast experience not only in therapy but also in life.

What happens if I can't keep an appointment?

If you cannot keep your appointment, please let us know at least 48hours prior to your appointment to free the time for another client.  We often have a waiting list for appointments, therefore, if we have plenty of notice, another client can benefit from our services.  We also spend time prior to your appointment tailoring the session for you and working on your treatment, therefore, by giving us plenty of notice, this will also free up our time further.  If at least 48hours notice isn't provided, the full fee will be charged to cover our costs.

What if I want to end therapy? 

We can bring your treatment to an end any time you choose.  If you want to discontinue your treatment do call us so we feel assured you are making the right decision and to give you any further advice you might need at that stage for the future.  We can also refer you on to another Hypnotherapist or Psychotherapist depending on your needs.

Late arrival to the appointment 

We will do our best to accomodate any extra time required on top of your scheduled session for late arrival due to unforeseen circumstances, but often we are back to back with clients so this will not always be possible.  If we have limited time, we may only be able to offer a limited consultation and therefore, with late arrival, hypnosis may not be possible.

Will I have Hypnosis in every session?

No!  In a nutshell!  With the experience and knowledge of the Therapist, sometimes a more powerful conversation, coaching style of intervention will be more appropriate for how you present in the session to move you towards your goal.  This will generally happen in follow-up sessions as applicable.  


We kindly ask all clients to attend the clinic with due care and respect towards our staff and Therapists.  We understand that it can be a time of emotional upset but please bear in mind, our Therapists hold clients in utmost respect and care and can have extremely challenging days when you attend the clinic and therefore, we appreciate a partnership of equality throughout the therapeutic process.  We do not tollerate violence, verbal abuse or threats.