Confidence Hypnotherapy

Is your lack of confidence affecting your happiness and success in life? Do you feel you have always been ‘shy’ or maybe an event or series of events have affected your confidence, which you are finding hard to get back?

Confidence underlies all of our lives, it is the secret to happiness and success, so when we feel unconfident, it is easy to feel down, dejected and unmotivated.

Confidence hypnotherapy and NLP can help increase confidence in all areas of your life.  For example, we have had great success working with males who would like to approach women but lacked the confidence previously. We eliminated the fear of rejection so they felt comfortable and at ease with themselves in this situation, we also utilised visualisation of a positive outcome. The results have been remarkable, great feedback of dating and relationships started.

We have also had tremendous success working with males who wanted to be more confident and assertive in the work place or starting a business. (More information on work confidence can be found in our ‘Work Life’ area). In today’s working life, it is not just academic intelligence/talent that will bring success but also social intelligence.  Confidence hypnotherapy and NLP can help to re-align thought processes so old negative statements such as ‘I’ll never be good enough’ or ‘They won’t be interested in me so why bother trying’ will be a thing of the past. We can help you to be confident on the telephone to either cold call or chase up clients, networking, giving a presentation and speaking up in meetings. If you are an actor we can also help to remove ‘stage fear’ or audition nerves.

How does Confidence Hypnotherapy & NLP improve confidence?

  • Confidence hypnosis helps re-align negative thought processes, eliminating self doubt
  • Using trance to cultivate a more positive future, improving self image and increasing determination
  • Lack of confidence can be deep rooted and is often due to negative experiences as a child or teenager, if left unaddressed these negative experiences can set a precedent for future achievement. It can be beneficial to pinpoint the initial cause of the confidence problem and use confidence hypnosis to realign negative thought processes
  • Utilising the full potential of the unconscious mind, using self hypnosis for confidence improves self awareness and charisma, and can create a more positive self image

We have successfully helped thousands of clients over the years to improve their confidence, through hypnosis, who are are now thriving and leading fulfilled, happy lives. So what are you waiting for?

We look forward to helping you through our confidence hypnotherapy too…

Bonita & the Associates in London

Some of our Confidence hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Email from client: I seem to be doing well in all aspects of my life, especially the business. I am giving more time to my business without trying! As for the rest of my life, I am happy with it. I am not angry in the slightest like I used to be about things.  And so I just want to end off by saying that the reason I am very content in where I am in life is because of the sessions I had with you!!  So I would just like to give you a BIG thank you for that!

Test from client: Our last session made such a difference, the guy I was intimidated by expressed he thought I was fearless today.

Text from client:  Bonita, the presentation went well thanks, really pleased.

Text from client:  Bonita, you were right when you said I’d feel different, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, thank you so much.

Stage Nerves:  Thank you Bonita it was great.  No shaking, it worked!  You are a genius.

“I came to my first appointment and left after my last appointment with Bonita feeling completely different, I feel I have my old self back. I noticed a drastic improvement in my self-esteem, confidence and happiness levels, even after the first hypnotherapy session. All in all, I managed to save my relationship and feel ‘my old self’ again, which I put down to a number of things in which Bonita played a key part.”
James Washington

Thank you for the lovely session. I do feel different, lighter more confident in many ways. I feel certain a ‘not good energy has shifted/left’! Thank you. I have recommended you to many people.