Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking / Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

Bonita Rayner-Jones & her Associates in London are all trained as ‘Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Specialists’ registered on the GHR’s Central Register for Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Specialists. Bonita and her Associates have solid experience of over 10 years helping clients to quit smoking with excellent results.

The Telegraph, 11th January 2015
Hypnotherapy to stop smoking
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Does you smoking habit seem to not 'make sense' to you? You want to stop smoking but find yourself keep doing it? Let our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy help you stub it out forever...

Smoking is one of those habits that most of us start when we are young and we think ‘I’ll stop when I’m older, when I want to’. Then it comes to the time when you are older and you think you should really stop, i.e. getting to an age where you start looking stupid instead of cool, your chest starts wheezing, you become aware of aging, your partner hates it and wants you to stop smoking, to name a few of the reasons to stop. But alas, you find you can’t! It can be very hard to stop through sheer ‘will power’ alone but it can be very easy when our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is used.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapists London and Ipswich

Most smokers tend to have a 'love / hate' relationship with cigarettes. This relationship changes through our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy. Some of the ‘love’ part of the cigarette relationship was formed by a ‘younger you', probably years ago when you first started. This will be updated through hypnosis by working with the ‘unconscious’ part of your mind where this belief and emotion around a cigarette are stored. The 'unconscious' can be thought of like 'the back of the mind', where our habits, characteristics and personality are stored (our programming really!).

Our desires are conscious thoughts while our behaviours are created and motivated at an 'unconscious' level. The 'unconscious' mind stores our habits, beliefs and memories, therefore, by working with this part of the mind we can make changes on a deeper, more fundamental level resulting in ‘you’ being in control not cigarettes! After your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session, your new habit will be 'to not smoke' and you will find yourself focusing on other more enjoyable, healthy aspects of life. Many clients report 'just not thinking about smoking' anymore, or, if they do, they feel a sense of relief that they don't have to smoke any longer.

NLP is also included in the session for added benefit, the combination of the two therapies is extremely effective.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy and NLP can also help to alleviate any fears you may have about giving up smoking, including putting on weight or feeling stressed.

The outcome of the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy and NLP is a non-smoking you who feels good, looks good, is richer, relaxed and more confident... stopping smoking through hypnotherapy is a 'win, win' situation... what are you waiting for?

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy and NLP consists of:

  • 2hr Hypnotherapy & NLP Stop Smoking session
  • The session is tailored to you individually, including an assessment of trigger times, fears & any potential obstacles which need to be eliminated for the treatment to be successful.
  • You will feel relaxed & in control throughout the session.  
  • You will be provided with a Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy CD for you to take home with you.

Bonita providing Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in London and Celia in Ipswich have helped literally thousands of smokers over the years, successfully stop smoking through hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is one of the most successful treatments available to stop in the long term.

If you have any questions or concerns before booking your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session do contact either Bonita in London or Celia and we will be happy to talk you through the treatment. 

We look forward to helping you too...


Some of our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Bonita bumped into a client in the street, 2 years after her session:  Hi Bonita, I can’t thank you enough, I haven’t smoked in years since our session all those years ago and I have felt like a different person.  Brilliant. A friend she was with then attended the clinic for successful weight loss sessions!

‘Hi, 5 months on I have not touched a cigarette since.  I cannot believe it!   A heavy smoker for 30 years and I have tried to stop countless times before.  Thank you for your help.'

(1 month after session):  Hi, thought I should tell you I haven't smoked any cigarettes since we met.

Text received from client 8months after session: Hi Bonita, I am still 'smoke free' and it feels great.  I have put aside the money and I'm now going on holiday to Barbados! Believe it or not I have saved over £1,500 from stopping smoking during that time. Thanks so much for your help.