Jealousy Hypnotherapy

Jealousy, the ‘green eyed monster’ as they say!  If you suffer from jealousy, is this how you actually feel sometimes?  Jealousy can make you talk, act and behave in a very different manner to when you are relaxed and more in control of yourself.

Jealousy creates what can feel like bizarre behaviours and comments for example, belittling, ‘bitchy’ or angry outbursts whether you are a male or female.  It can happen with either your partner, siblings, friends or colleagues and if left unresolved, can potentially destroy good relationships.

The good news is, hypnotherapy for jealousy and coaching for jealousy and NLP can move you forward from jealousy by building feelings of security and confidence within yourself. 

Through our Jealousy Hypnotherapy process, we will look at the ‘dynamics’ of the relationship(s) where you feel jealous.  Sometimes jealousy can be a trigger of unresolved insecurities from the past. If this is the case, Jealousy Hypnotherapy can heal any past conflicts to move you forward, feeling more trusting and secure in yourself.  Through our Jealousy Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching you will also begin to communicate differently, feeling calmer and in control in situations which in the past, would have triggered jealous behaviours.

Jealousy can tell us something about ourselves and the situations we are in. Don't ignore it, we can help you resolve it.

Jealousy Hypnotherapy and Coaching for jealousy helps by:

  • Increasing feelings of confidence, self esteem and trust
  • Exploration of previous relationships or memories
  • Addressing the balance of a relationship
  • Promoting open and honest communication
  • Building feelings of trust and safety
  • Assessing insecure thoughts and feelings to move them to a more stable, secure perspective

We are non judgmental, open minded therapists with plenty of, not only, professional experience, but also life experience.  Your issues are treated in strict confidence in a warm, understanding environment.  Don’t suffer in silence.  If you feel you are ready to let go of your jealousy, do contact us, maybe booking our hypnotherapy for your jealousy and coaching could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

We have successfully treated many clients over the years for jealousy.

We look forward to helping you too.


Some of our Jealousy Hypnotherapy and Coaching Testimonials:

Text from client: Hi Bonita, this is just to let u know I am feeling much more confident to handle the situation I am in as you helped me to change my perspective of view. I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ . Take care.

Client bought Bonita bottle of Champagne to say 'Thank you' with a note attached:  Bonita, you've been brilliant, I feel confident in myself, comfortable in my relationship and do not worry about my partner, I trust him but above all, I feel worthy in myself of having his attention and don't think of other girls being better than me.  Thanks so much.