Menopause Hypnotherapy

Menopause Hypnotherapy and Menopause Coaching


Menopause hypnotherapy and coaching in London is for women who are experiencing both peri-menopause symptoms as well as menopause and post menoapausal women.

The menoapause period in a female's life can feel very overwhelming and confusing.  The physical and mental changes can be numerous and unpredictable, with very little 'solid' help available to support you during this time. 

Clincial evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of hypnosis to help with hot flushes

Research on the reduction of hot flushes with hyonosis










Hypnotherapy for menopause can help in the following ways:


  • Hypnotherapy for menopause can help to decrease any overwhelm you may be feeling so you have a calm response to the changes that are happening. 
  • Hypnotherapy for menopause can also reduce any stress, so the mind and body are stronger to move through this transition period in your life. 
  • Brain 'fog' and depression can be eased as well as utilising hypnosis to improve sleep and restfulness.
  • With regards to physical changes, hypnosis for menopause can reduce the intensity of hot flushes as well as decrease skin itching and ease joint oains.

We look forward to helping you move through this transitional period in your life with our 'first hand' experience and support.

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