Gambing Addiction Hypnotherapy

Bonita Rayner-Jones is specifically trained in Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy and has helped many clients over the years to beat their addiction through Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy.

Do you ever feel that gambling has become a problem rather than a pleasure and is taking over your life adversely? Are you getting into debt and/or lying to the people you love and/or work colleagues? Gambling is a habit that affects both men and women.

The thrill of gambling, just like any other habit, creates a natural high that can become addictive. It can take us away from the realities of life and shift our focus away from what needs to be done on a day to day basis, so real life starts to pass us by while the mayhem of gambling takes over. But fortunately, life does not have to be this way, you can move forward from gambling addiction, through Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy.

Research from the NHS has shown that there maybe at least 250,000 problem gamblers in the UK 

Too much time spent gambling can lead to relationship breakdowns, loss of important friendships and in some cases, loss of employment.

Gambling can be treated successfully through our Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching in the same way as other addictions. Because our habits and addictions are stored in the ‘unconscious’, trying to change a habit and addiction ourselves through 'will power' alone, very rarely works. Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective treatment as it works with the 'unconscious' part of the mind, where the addiction is driven from, therefore, making a change here, on a deeper level can create permanent change.

Hypnotherapy uses trance or the 'hypnotic state' to help bring about change in a client. One of the physical effects of trance include the lowering of blood pressure which produces a sense of calm, vital to help overcome a gambling addiction.  Also, studies of brain imaging during this trance state, show physical changes to areas involving memory, thoughts and emotions.  It is thoughts and emotions that lead to the behaviour of gambling which, need to be changed. Through Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy you can find different strategies for dealing with these thoughts and emotions, which previously acted as triggers for gambling.

We will help instil a new sense of hope and confidence in you. You will feel more motivated to create a better life for yourself. 

Now... imagine how great your life could be if you stopped gambling. Imagine the pride you will feel when you overcome this habit successfully and the renewed sense of trust and respect from others around you.

Trust us, we have helped many clients give up gambling through our Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy and go on to lead fulfilled, happy lives.  We hope you give us the opportunity to help you too.

Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy & Gambling Addiction NLP help you by:

  • Changing the impulses that lead to gambling addiction
  • Increase 'unconscious' as well as cognitive understanding of the ways in which gambling is destructive to your life
  • Move you towards better and healthier ways of obtaining that feeling of energy or calm you used to get from gambling
  • Enabling you let go of this unwanted behaviour and channel your energies into more positive and productive activities

Most clients have benefited on average, from about 3 Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy sessions, to be free of this addiction, long term, other clients have required less. Do contact us to let us know your individual requirements and we can assess how we can help you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Some of our Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Text from client:  9 months since seeing you and I’m still not gambling, I still have my wife and house!! Thanks for your help Bonita, no looking back!

Email from client:  Hi Bonita, Thanks for all your help. As you know I was gambling heavily on-line, even getting up in the middle of the night to play.  I realised I was escaping from the rest of my life through gambling.  You helped me face my fears and gave me the motivation and courage to address not only the gambling, but other areas of my life that were in chaos such as my weight and relationship!  I’m really grateful. I've gained money but lost over 2 stone in weight!!