Anger Management Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to help with anger

Are you tired of regretting what you have done or said as a result of uncontrolled anger? Does it feel that this emotion is controlling you and not the other way around?

Anger doesn’t discriminate. It can flare up with anyone and take control. Some people notice their anger rising with their boss or colleagues, this in turn can lead to disciplinary action, or a loss of employment and in more extreme cases, court orders or worse. For other clients it could be triggered through frustrations with children, family or friends or jealousy towards a partner.

Anger is actually a valid, healthy emotion, which we might try to suppress on a ‘conscious’ level to no effect. Through anger management hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, we work on an ‘unconscious’ level where the anger is ‘routed’ from to bring about a sense of calm and control. Hypnotherapy, NLP and coacing can reprogram this pattern of behaviour, whereby you can respond differently to these everyday situations. Through the anger management hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching programme your mind can allow you the ability to take a moment to reflect before doing anything rash.

You can start bringing your Anger under control through hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching. We hear successful stories all the time from our clients who are now experiencing good relationships with family, partners and friends. Other clients report stories of being more focused and relaxed at work, enjoying a new sense of calm and control.

You too can feel calm, relaxed and ‘collected’ even in times of stress. If anger is an issue for you and you are ready for it to become a thing of the past, please contact us. We have helped many clients over the years and have vast experience working with anger management, through our anger management hypnotherapy.

We look forward to hearing from you.


& the team at Hypnotherapy Associates