Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Hypnotherapy

Both Bonita and her Associates in London, have received IBS Hypnotherapy training to help clients with IBS through hypnotherapy, with Dr Whorwell, a leading Gastroenterologist in the UK at Manchester Hospital, with outstanding results.

Bonita Rayner-Jones is featured here in the Daily Mail treating IBS.

Is your IBS having a detrimental effect on the quality of your life?  Are you ready to better manage your gastrointestinal health with IBS Hypnotherapy & IBS NLP? Both of which have proven, positive results. If so, you have come to the right place.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition that many people suffer from these days but know little about it or how to treat it. It varies in its’ severity from person to person and the symptons can be better some days and worse others. It is a very confusing condition for a lot of people. It can have an effect on both a physical and psychological level.

It is pretty clear to me that it has an amazing effect.

Dr Roland Valori, editor of 'Frontline Gastroenterology' on IBS Hypnotherapy

With IBS, along with many other medical conditions there are 2 areas to treat, the physical side and the psychological side, both as important as each other. IBS Hypnotherapy has been discovered and used by the leading Gastroenterologists in the country to help treat the psychological side and found it to be the most effective treatment to relieve IBS and it’s symptons.  Dr Whorwell, a leading Gastroenterologist in the UK incorporates hypnosis into his treatment of clients at the Manchester Hospital and Dr Roland Valori, editor of Frontline Gastroenterology, began referring patients for IBS Hypnotherapy in the early 1990s and has found it to be highly effective, quoting "To be frank, I have never looked back". In a study conducted by Dr Valori, of the first 100 of his patients treated, symptoms improved significantly for nine out of 10.

Dr Whorwell’s studies have produced the best success to treat IBS through hypnotherapy
(Studies carried out at Manchester Hospital using Hypnosis for IBS)
Please click here for an article in the Daily Mail September 2013 about IBS & Hypnotherapy

Dr Whorwell is quoted explaining “IBS is ideal for treatment with hypnosis, as there is no structural damage to the body. During the IBS Hypnotherapy, sufferers learn how to influence and gain control of their gut function, and then seem to be able to change the way the brain modulates their gut activity."  

Why IBS Hypnotherapy is so successful is that the gut is very reactive to our emotions, therefore, when we learn to manage our emotions through hypnotherapy, this can ease any pressure on the gut. We will also teach you IBS self hypnosis and visualisation which helps soothe the gut and promotes healing.

IBS Hypnosis can be used to explore some aspects of the feelings of anxiety that can be linked to the condition, so that you can begin to regain control over your own body. This can be done through learning tools for relaxation and becoming less sensitive to uncomfortable events, so you feel in control, not the IBS.

IBS Hypnosis can also give you ways of managing your IBS better for yourself, so that, where in the past you may have experienced discomfort and anxiety, this can be changed to more manageable feelings of comfort, safety and relaxation. 

Clinical Trial Paper on the Efficacy of Hypnosis for IBS

Many of our clients found that, Hypnotherapy, coching & NLP to help their IBS, improved the quality of their life substantially.




Clinical Trial Paper on the Efficacy of Hypnosis for IBS




IBS Hypnotherapy & IBS NLP can help by:

  • Reducing sensitivity to trigger situations
  • Stimulating calmer, more rational thought processes
  • Using Visualisation to promote healing
  • Accessing any underlying causes
  • Gaining control over unconscious reactions
  • Increasing levels of calm
  • Increasing confidence and self belief

For long term benefits we would recommend a minimum of 3 IBS Hypnotherapy sessions to help alleviate the symptoms of IBS, with the majority of clients obtaining the most benefit attending around 5 sessions. Do enquire with your individual requirements.  We offer an excellent, 5 session programme at a reduced fee which might be suitable for you.

We hope we can help you on your journey to better health and freedom.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Some of our IBS Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Bonita, Thank you for helping me to manage the IBS I have been suffering from.  After the hypnosis sessions I now feel much more relaxed and confident in myself and my body. The spasms are nearly gone. I feel well equipped to make any future plans which, in the past, would have worried me if there was going to be a toilet nearby or not.  My IBS symptons have reduced significantly. Many thanks again.

I have been suffering with IBS for many years, but for the past five years the symptoms would get so bad even simple things like going out with my friends, shopping or simply going to the cinema would be out of the question. I have tried almost every treatment for IBS available which would help for a short period of time but after a while the symptoms would come back even stronger. I felt that nothing and nobody could help me. It was emotionally and physically exhausting and it turned me into a different person. I have to admit I never believed in hypnotherapy but I was so unhappy and desperate I decided to give it a go. After just one section with Bonita I experienced huge improvement, as the symptoms were almost gone. Over the next three sections she would help me to go through my toughest and most traumatic parts of my life and that helped me to deal with stress in a way I had never experienced before. My confidence is growing, I feel happier and my Friends and family noticed big improvement because for the first time in many years I can strongly say I am in control. To see Bonita was the best decision I have ever made, she helped me to turn my life around and I will be forever thankful.
Lenka B

Caroline provided a warm and comfortable atmosphere helping me to overcome my anxiety and my IBS. She provides techniques that can be used outside of the clinic so that treatment is an ongoing process that doesn’t just end in the clinic. I would highly recommend.

“When I met Caroline I was feeling very despondent and anxious. After only a couple sessions I started to feel so much calmer and more centred in myself, as well as more confident. My symptoms improved greatly and I’m very grateful for Caroline’s guidance. Thank you!”

‘I was referred to Caroline when my IBS visceral pain became intolerable and all else failed. I benefited hugely from her hypnotherapy sessions and the pain slowly faded away after a few sessions. Caroline is very professional with a gentle and confident approach. I am forever grateful to her and I highly recommend her for anyone suffering from pain or anxiety. Her therapy is life saving!’

‘I went to see Caroline when I was really at the end of my tether with IBS and what seemed like completely random episodes of terrible pain and bloating. She put me at my ease with her relaxing manner and through conversation and directed hypnotherapy has helped changed my mindset and improved by IBS. I felt really empowered by learning and understanding the role of engaging the subconscious, and although my journey with IBS is far from over Caroline has really helped equip me with tools to manage it much better’