Confidence Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Is your lack of confidence affecting your happiness and success in life? Do you feel you have always been ‘shy’ or maybe an event or series of events have affected your confidence, which you are finding hard to get back? If so, Bonita and her Associates in London can help you through our Confidence Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching.

Confidence underlies all of our lives, it’s the secret to happiness and success so when we feel under-confident, it is easy to feel down, dejected and miss opportunities that come our way in life.

For example, think for a moment of the people you know who have a successful career... are they more intelligent or talented than your less successful friends? The answer is probably ‘No!’   This is because it is not intelligence or ability that breeds success, it is vision, ambition, drive, determination and the ability to take risks.  Perhaps it is the same for people you know in happy relationships, they probably aren’t the ‘best looking’ or ‘best dressed’ but their ‘inner confidence’ allows them to feel comfortable in a relationship.

Confidence not only ‘spring boards’ careers, it also improves relationships in love and with friends and family, basically, every aspect of life.  Confident people are inspiring, fun to be around, they are less demanding emotionally and ooze independence and vitality.

Lack of confidence breeds fear... fear of failure, change or unfamiliar situations.

Confidence Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching can help to remove this fear so you feel capable and more in control, with conviction and belief in your abilities. Confidence Hypnotherapy, NLP  and coaching also improves self confidence by changing the negative internal dialogue which maybe going on within yourself, for instance, 'I'll never be as good as that', 'Everyone else seems more capable than me', 'He/she'll never be interested in me so why bother trying?' These self statements are absorbed at an unconscious level and become beliefs. Through our Confidence Hypnotherapy and Confidence NLP, these statements will be replaced with more positive thought processes, such as ‘I can do it, why not!’, ‘He/she looks nice, I’ll make their day by having a chat’, or ‘I’m looking forward to challenging myself'.

With self confidence, life becomes more fun. Rather than approaching life from a fearful position, you begin to take more risks and become comfortable leaving your old ‘comfort zone’. Our successful clients report after coming to see us for Confidence Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching that they can’t believe how they used to be, their vision of life now is so much broader.

If you would like to feel more confident and happy too, and you think that our Confidence Hypnotherapy and NLP sounds a good fit for you, do contact either Bonita in London's Harley Street or Celia in Suffolk where we would be happy to make time in our diary for you.

Confidence Hypnotherapy & Confidence NLP and Coaching can help by:

  • Replacing negative thought processes with positive, more rational thinking
  • Eliminating self doubt and replacing it with self belief and hope
  • Using trance to cultivate a more positive future, improving self image and increasing determination
  • Healing any difficult periods/events which have affected your confidence such as a bereavement, redundancy, divorce or break up of a relationship to move your forward and regain your confidence
  • Addressing any negative experiences during childhood or as a teenager if applicable, which, if left unaddressed, can set a precedent for future achievement
  • Utilising the full potential of the unconscious mind, using self hypnosis to improve and create a more positive self image

Do enquire with your requirements and we will tailor your treatment to your individual needs.  Bonita in London is also a qualified 'Transformative Coach' so if you feel coaching over a longer period of time is more suitable for you see Bonita's Coaching page by clicking here: 'Transformative Coaching'.

We hope we can be part of your journey. We look forward to hearing from you.


Some of our Confidence Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Text from client:  Bonita, you were right when you said I’d feel different, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, thank you so much.

Email from ‘Wedding Nerves client: Hi Celia, I Thought I'd send you a wedding picture. The day went brilliantly it was wonderful and I had a great night's sleep before and no upset tummy whatsoever so thank you!

Text from client:  Thank you Bonita it was great.  No shaking, it worked!  You are a genius.

Text from client:  Our last session made such a difference, the guy I was intimidated by expressed he thought I was fearless today. Thanks so much Bonita.

Text from client:  Bonita, the presentation went well thanks, really pleased.

Text from client:  Hi Bonita, I had my meeting this morning and it went brilliant, no real nerves.  I didn’t go red, nicely paced, so much more confident.  Thanks so much.

Text from client: Thanks Bonita for all your help.  I did get the job!

Email from client: I seem to be doing well in all aspects of my life, especially the business.   I am giving more time to my business without trying!   As for the rest of my life I am happy with it. I am not angry in the slightest like I used to be about things.  And so I just want to end off by saying that the reason I am very content in where I am in life is because of the sessions I had with you!!   So I would just like to give you a BIG thank you for that!!

Email from client: My horse riding is going well.   My confidence seems to be continuing to grow.   I have ridden a range of horses over the last few months and even entered a competition.   I came 7th out of 10.

Text from Scuba Diving Test client, treated day before test and prior to going to Egypt, to be fully qualified to do Scuba Diving.
Just to say many thanks for helping me to overcome my fear of taking off my mask underwater, putting it back on and clearing whilst taking my Padi Open Water Diving Course for my test.   After seeing you I did it in a calm, relaxed way and am very happy.   Thanks again.

Text from client: Hi Bonita, just wanted to say 'Thank you' so much for yesterday's session, I can feel a huge difference already, like a big weight off my shoulders - being and feeling more open rather than defensive and blaming myself for not being perfect. Thanks again.

Hi Bonita, I hope you're well.  After our two sessions, I've been feeling great and noticed some really good results.  I started a new contract this week and in lots of instances already I have felt much more confident.  Thank you so so much for your help thus far, I haven't felt so calm and relaxed in years.

“I came to my first appointment and left after my last appointment with Bonita, feeling completely different, I feel I have my old self back. I noticed a drastic improvement in my self-esteem, confidence and happiness levels, even after the first hypnotherapy session. All in all, I managed to save my relationship and feel I am ‘my old self’ again, which I put down to a number of things in which Bonita played a key part.”.
James Washington

Hi Bonita, the coaching we did together has genuinely been life changing for me. I feel so much more grounded and have a new level of calmness and confidence. Amazing, I can’t thank you enough. I’m sure this is just the start of the journey, and I continue to remind myself of the main principles we worked on and I talk to others about them too. Hopefully I will continue to grow and benefit from different ways of thinking.  I’m very excited about my new role, a senior consultancy position of which this new level of confidence certainly helped me to achieve.