Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy

Bonita Rayner-Jones in Harley St, London has been specifically trained in Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy and has helped many clients over the years to be free of their drug habit.

Drugs, they seem to be everywhere these days and can become a ‘normal’ part of life for some. But are drugs actually ‘getting you down’ instead of ‘getting you high’? If your answer to this question is 'yes' and you are ready to change, then you could benefit from drug abuse hypnotherapy.

Cocaine and/or ecstasy, and/or marajuana use can cause damage to our lives, not just physically but emotionally. What may have started out as just a bit of ‘weekend fun’ can result in reliance on these substances to ‘have a good time’ and have a wider effect on our self esteem, motivation and self respect in life.

Depending on the extent of the habit, drugs can occupy your mind if you are having a night out. You may have a feeling of wanting something more to give you a ‘little high’ throughout the evening and give you more energy after a long, stressful week at work.  Or maybe whilst you are out clubbing,  taking drugs is part of your night out fun.  Or possibly more than this, are drugs part of your everyday life during the week?  Do you say to yourself ‘Just a little bit tonight, I’ll be fine tomorrow”? But how many times have you regretted what you have done the night before the morning after?  As mentioned before, it isn’t just the physical effects i.e. feeling like you have been ‘run over’ throughout your body, but the emotional effects.  Feelings of ‘self hatred’, maybe promiscuity and engaging in sexual behaviour you would normally think out of the question if sober or not on drugs.  Or not remembering what happened the night before, spending money you haven’t got and regularly ‘writing off’ the next day, just coping with the day instead of enjoying the day and being productive?

Drugs can impact your work life, love life and relationships with family and friends.  You can end up letting people down as well as yourself.

If you have agreed with any of the above and feel like you are ready to change, at Hypnotherapy Associates we can help you and provide the treatment that you are looking for through our Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy and NLP.

At Hypnotherapy Associates, we understand the nature of drug habits and have helped literally thousands of clients over the years to stop unwanted drug habits, including smoking dope, cocaine or ecstasy use.   Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy and Drug Abuse NLP are combined to produce a lasting effect.  Hypnotherapy and NLP for drug abuse is used to recondition the habit itself and stop the automatic behaviour of wanting drugs, sp you may have a feeling of being calm and in control in old trigger situations so you can go out, still have fun, but not need drugs to have a good time. We will work to build your self esteem and confidence so you continue to feel in control, not the drugs and enjoy just ‘being yourself’, not needing drugs to feel relaxed in a social setting.  You may also find yourself doing drugs alone at home, through our Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy and Drug Abuse NLP, you can begin to feel comfortable and relaxed at home and in your life, so you do not need to 'escape' through drug use.

If applicable, we will also address why the drug use originally started. Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy and Drug Abuse NLP are very forward, progressive therapies so we do not focus too much on the past, we work more with the present and future, but resolving any past events can also have an added, beneficial, long term effect.

Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy & NLP can help by:

  • Breaking the 'loop' of the habit, desensitising any triggers and creating a more balanced, calm behaviour of you feeling in control, not drugs
  • In some cases it can be useful to find the source or cause of the habit
  • Lowering levels of anxiety
  • Increasing feelings of confidence
  • Re-accessing the body's feelings to change these if necessary
  • Raising your awareness in ‘trigger’ situations by changing the habit from an unconscious to conscious response
  • Teaching self hypnosis
  • Finding more appropriate ways to relax or unwind

We hope we can help you too. Once you make the decision to change, our Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy and NLP can be very rapid and effective in just a few sessions.

Do contact us when you feel ready to go ahead and stop the damaging effect drugs are having on your life.  We are open minded, experienced Hypnotherapists. We treat our clients with utmost respect and confidentiality. Our clinics are a safe space to overcome any detrimental habits.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Some of our Drug Abuse Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

I did my last line of cocaine the day before coming to see you and that was 1.5 years ago.  My life since coming to see you, has improved tremendously, I have been promoted, I’m in a good relationship and I’m taking care of myself both physically and mentally.  I’m much more aware of managing my stress and realising when I need to take ‘time out’ of the city and gain balance in my life.  I still practice my self hypnosis and use the NLP techniques you taught me which have been fantastic. Thanks so much Bonita.
KN (Media Executive)

Text from client: Hi Bonita, I’ve stopped smoking marajuana and it’s like I’ve just woke up!!  I’ve got a lot more energy and drive, I am coping a lot better with everyday life too as before I was in a ‘fog’ and felt like I was struggling. Thanks,

Text from client: I’ve got no desire to smoke weed after the session with you!  I’ve totally stopped.  Big thanks Bonita

You have been absolutely brilliant for me over the last few months.  It has been so rewarding to get control over drugs and get confidence back in my personal life with the help of our sessions.  I really appreciate all of your help & guidance.

I received hypnotherapy sessions from Caroline to help assist me with my recovery from drug addiction. I found the sessions to be very helpful, and Caroline made me feel very at ease discussing sensitive and personal issues in my life. Caroline also made a personal recording for me to use to continue helping me after our sessions had ended. Overall I would certainly recommend this treatment to other people who are struggling with similar problems.