Stress Hypnotherapy / Stress Management Hypnotherapy

Bonita and her Associates have vast experience helping clients manage stress using the latest techniques in Stress Management Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching. 

Do you feel ‘stressed’ a lot of the time? Do you find you can’t go through a day without experiencing some form of stress? Or maybe you find it difficult to manage in stressful situations?

Bonta in The Business Traveller
28th November helping a 'stressed' Journalist with hypnotherapy for stress
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The term 'stress' is commonly used these days. It is very rare to meet someone who has no stress in their lives, whether your stress occurs through work, looking after children or you have stressful relationships, Stress NLP and Hypnotherapy for stress management can help. Some stress is positive, it can be motivating and stimulating, however, when levels of stress rise too high, it can have the opposite effect, sapping energy, reducing productivity, creating a negative outlook on life and effecting sleep patterns, to name a few of its’ effects.

Bonita in The Telegraph
22nd October advising how hypnotherapy can help with Parenting Stress
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Stress is detrimental and negative in the long term, it triggers the age-old defence system called the 'fight or flight response'. This boosts adrenalin and stimulates the senses, which is extremely helpful if being chased by a wild boar in a forest, less helpful, however, in today's life, when trying to keep your cool in an important meeting or sitting on a delayed train for example.  The adrenalin is released into the body but not burnt off through physical movement. Also, if stress is experienced frequently and over a long period of time, too much ‘cortisol’ (the stressor chemical) is released into the body. Cortisol when produced over a period of time can contribute to depression and a weakening of the immune system. Stress can also lead to ‘self medicating’ through drinking, smoking and overeating etc. These are temporary distractions and do not address the ‘route’ cause. They can also exacerbate the stress.

The good news is that through Stress Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, we can help you manage stressful situations in a more positive, confident and calm manner. We work with the ‘unconscious’ part of your mind to change automatic responses to stressful triggers, so you can think, feel and behave differently in these situations.  

The deep relaxation experienced through Stress Management Hypnotherapy and stress coaching greatly reduces stress and improves mood and cognitive function. 

Stress Management Hypnotherapy & NLP helps with stress by:

  • Isolating the 'root' cause and resolving this if applicable
  • Improving confidence and self esteem
  • Increasing feelings of well-being
  • Identifying triggers and creating new thoughts, feelings & behaviours in response
  • Reducing or eliminating symptoms
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Providing support while making life changes if relevant i.e. work life balance, new career, improving relationships if necessary
  • Desensitisation of stressful events or triggers
  • Stopping any habit of ‘self medicating’ of overeating, smoking, drinking alcohol etc

If you find stress is also blocking you from having a successful career or wider impact in your life do enquire with Bonita whether a longer term transformational coaching programme might be right for you in London

We have helped literally thousands of clients over the years to manage their stress through hypnosis, NLP and coaching and our clients have gone on to lead more enjoyable, healthier lives.

We hope to help you too.


Some of our Stress Management Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Bonita, you were right when you said I’d feel different, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, thank you so much.

Thank you Bonita it was great.  No shaking, it worked!  You are a genius.

Thank you for helping me to manage with recent bouts of stress I have been suffering from.  After the hypnosis sessions I now feel much more confident in myself and am well equipped to over-come future difficult moments when I may feel stressed  Many thanks again.