Bereavement Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Bereavement

Bonita and her Associates in London at Hypnotherapy Associates, have many years experience of helping clients through bereavement, our approach is compassionate and understanding.

Have you lost someone important to you and feel that you can't move on from the feelings of sadness, disbelief or loneliness? Other symptoms could be of numbness, anger, loss of appetite and insomnia to name a few.  Even though it is appropriate to experience these feelings associated with bereavement, if you are so 'stuck' in those feelings that you are not functioning very well in life any more, then Bereavement Hypnotherapy can help you to move forward and readjust after the bereavement.

Whatever your individual circumstances, we understand it is important to allow these feelings to be worked through over time, so you can eventually reach a state of acceptance which can allow you to move forward constructively through life again. Bereavement Hypnotherapy enables you to work through these stages of bereavement by working with the 'unconscious' mind so you develop the capacity to promote your own natural healing processes.

Bereavement Hypnotherapy gives you a way of managing your own internal experiences so you can eventually move on from the feelings of pain and sadness to those of acceptance and calm. Through Bereavement Hypnotherapy, you are able to find resources within yourself to alleviate negative feelings, which are crucial in the context of bereavement, when mental and emotional anguish may be considerable.

Bereavement is a natural state that is likely to touch all of us at one time or another throughout our lives. Through Bereavement Hypnotherapy, we hope to make the process less painful and more manageable for you.

Bereavement Hypnotherapy helps by:

  • Lowering levels of fear and loneliness
  • Facilitating acceptance of loss
  • Exploration of current relationships
  • Increasing levels of self esteem
  • Identifying problems such as internal barriers, past experiences, eating patterns, lack of exercise and increasing motivation
  • Emphasising feelings of wholeness and calm
  • Teaching self-hypnosis
  • Positive future visualisations and access of hope for the future

Do contact us with your individual requirements and we can discuss further how our Bereavement Hypnotherapy specifically help you.

We understand this difficult time for you and do hope we can help you to move through this stage in your life.

We look forward to hearing from you.


& the team at Hypnotherapy Associates