Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy

Are you one of many people affected by trichotillomania who experience a strong urge to pull out their hair or lashes? The urge can feel uncontrollable and maybe worse at times of stress, tiredness, boredom or none of these, but just watching TV or sitting at the computer when your hand starts to wander?  You could also be a ‘puller’ of hair from eyebrows or other areas on the torso. Every pattern is unique.

Hair pulling is often an unconscious way to escape from feelings that are hard to process, like anxiety, avoidance, boredom or stress. You may experience a ‘zoned out’ feeling of comfort and relaxation while pulling, but afterwards, you experience feelings of guilt or disappointment in yourself.  Socially, you may feel self conscious of the missing hair(s), which in turn, can stop you enjoying a fuller social life. Trichotillomania affects about 1 in 30 people, so you are not alone, even though it may sometimes feel a very insular, isolating behaviour.

Trichotillomania affects about 1 in 30 people

Hair pulling generally starts between the ages of 9 and 15 and once established, the hair pulling can quickly become an ingrained habit. Through Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy and NLP we will address when the pulling first started and then move you forward from the continuous habit your mind has become set on.

You might think “Why do I pull my hair when I want to stop?”  Well the answer is: it is not your fault! So blaming yourself and getting angry won’t help, but, with Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy and NLP, we can.  The act of hair pulling becomes addictive, it is a conditioned response that releases dopamine (a feel good chemical) in your brain. The more we pull, the more we strengthen the pathways that cause addiction. The good news is, by using hypnotherapy and NLP for trichotillomania, we create a new response in the situations where you would normally pull, to 'not pulling' and re-sensitise the head or body to respond differently. In simple terms, we re-condition your brain so pulling feels uncomfortable, taking away any old comfort and removing the habit.

The result is a ‘pull free’ life, where you feel in control, confident and attractive, maybe for the first time in years.

Bonita and her Associates have extensive experience helping clients with trichotillomania using their trichotillomania hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. We hope we can help you too, please do contact us with your individual requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding our Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy.

Bonita & the Associates in London

Some of our Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Thank you so much Bonita, it feels great to have a full head of hair instead of ‘strategically’ placing clips to cover the old bold patches.  I couldn’t imagine pulling my hair now, which strangely, I thought I would miss but I really don’t.  Such a relief.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday's session. I've noticed a huge difference in behaviour already, and am really grateful for your help.