Relaxation Hypnotherapy

At our clinics in London & Suffolk you can look forward to a calming environment, scented candles and a secure, safe space to really ‘unwind’…..

Relaxation and Stress Relief Hypnotherapy in LondonAhhh.........relaxation!!  Are you really in need of just being able to relax? Maybe it seems like a distant memory when you last really allowed yourself to relax and ‘let go’?

What you may not realise is that actually……., we all need relaxation in order to stay happy and healthy!

You may think of relaxing as being ‘self indulgent’ but relaxation can be highly beneficial for physical as well as emotional health.  Clinical studies have demonstrated that when we relax through hypnosis or meditation for example, blood pressure is lowered, detrimental ‘stressor chemicals’ are lowered, heart rate and tension throughout the body are decreased and therefore, the body is brought back into balance.

Research also demonstrates that relaxation increases energy and focus, alleviates stress on the immune system, and can relieve aches and pains.  Relaxation can also heighten problem-solving abilities and boost motivation and productivity. Best of all, with a little practice, anyone can reap these benefits.

At Hypnotherapy Associates we offer deep relaxation to take the burden off of you.  Our clinics are relaxing, clean and comfortable, the perfect environment to feel and experience deep relaxation.  Whether you would like to ‘de-stress’ after a challenging day with scented candles in a safe environment and/or learn relaxation techniques for yourself at home, we have the relaxation practice for you.  A CD recording is produced ‘live’ during the session of the relaxation hypnosis for you to take home with you and continue to enjoy the wonderful experience.

Relaxation through hypnotherapy is an amazingly comfortable, safe and freeing experience, very beneficial for your mind and body in every way, with absolutely no unwanted side effects.

Wouldn't you love to improve your mood, your health and your life by being able to relax easily, naturally and regularly?  You can do this with us at Hypnotherapy Associates in London or Suffolk.

Hypnotherapy for relaxation helps you to:

  • Release fear, anger and worry, safely
  • Feel calmer and more emotionally stable
  • Concentrate more easily
  • Find better ways to solve problems
  • Feel more energetic
  • Improve immunity to illness
  • Sleep better

So are you ready to really relax?  If you are, our clinics await you. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bonita & Celia