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Bonita Rayner-Jones is a qualified Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapist, after receiving specialist training at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in London.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Are you having problems losing weight through diets and/or ‘will power’ alone? Have you thought about having the weight loss Gastric Band procedure but are fearful of the surgery?

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is 100% safe, you have nothing to fear! The only outcome of the hypnosis to help lose weight and reduce the size of the stomach is a positive one!

So how does Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy work? 

Virtual gastric band hypnotherapy / surgery utilises the power of your mind through hypnotherapy, to convince your mind that you have had a gastric band fitted. After the course of the Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, you will have a feeling of fullness far more quickly whilst eating, as if you have had the real procedure. You will also have a different perception of food and yourself, so you will begin to naturally enjoy healthier, lighter foods, which also aids weight loss. The key advantages to the virtual gastric band are that it is a fraction of the cost of real surgery but there are none of the risks associated with having a general anesthetic and an invasive surgical procedure. Another added advantage is that you will have learnt to utilise to a greater extent, the power of your own mind to bring about positive change. 

What is involved in Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

During your first session, an assessment will be made as to your suitability for the virtual gastric band procedure.  Everyone is an individual and therefore, not all those presenting will be suitable for the procedure.  Once we have carried out the assessment and have agreed to move forward with the treatment, a full case history will be taken. This provides vital information for us, which contributes to the success of the treatment. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis will also be carried out during this first session.

Thereafter, are a series of 4 Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions to attend every week. 

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy utilises hypnosis, as well as NLP, combined throughout the treatment for long-term effectiveness.

You will also be supplied with Audio recordings of the hypnosis for you to listen to at home to reinforce the positive suggestions.

Who can it help?

When you contact us, please let us know your current weight and how much you would like to lose. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is only suitable for clients with a reasonably large amount of weight to lose and a high body mass index.

How much does it cost and how long is the treatment?

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Treatment consists of 5 sessions over a period of 5 to 9 weeks.
The cost for the whole package including CDs and audios is only £795.

Benefits of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy (Hypnotic Gastric Band)

  • Substantial savings in costs (average cost of £7k for surgery)
  • No potentially dangerous invasive surgery, therefore, with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy it is 100% safe
  • No time off work with a Virtual Gastric Band, therefore, cost savings once again
  • No discomfort and pain post surgery with having a Virtual Gastric Band
  • No Gastric Band complications from surgery
  • Through the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, you learn how to use the power of your mind to help, not only with weight loss, but also to boost confidence in general
  • You start living life to it’s full potential, enjoying life with family and friends once again
  • Look forward to a healthy, optimistic future

So what are you waiting for? If you no longer want to be ‘trapped’ in a body that seems to have taken over your life, stopping you from really living, do contact us.

We are open minded, supportive and caring Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapists, our clients’ welfare is of utmost importance to us. If you have any questions at all about the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy treatment, let us know, we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.


Gastric Band Hypnosis as reported in the Daily Mail Newspaper

Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy CaseWeight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Case

Marion Corns previously weighed 15st 6lbs (left) before she had Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, which made her think her stomach was the size of a golf ball and now weighs 11st 7lbs (right)

"Marion Corns, a mother of three has lost four stone after allowing herself to be hypnotised and told she had been fitted with a gastric band. Believing her stomach has shrunk to the size of a golf ball under a surgeon's knife, the 35-year-old is now able to eat only tiny portions of food. In the four months following the treatment, her dress size has gone down from 22 to a 14.

Hi Bonita, thanks so much for your help, just to let you know I dropped 17kg in 2months, the weight I wanted / needed to lose!  Thanks so much for your help.