Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety / Hypnosis for Anxiety

Do you find yourself avoiding certain situations that may trigger your anxiety? Or maybe you have some days you feel totally fine and then your anxiety seems to come from nowhere? Anxiety can produce feelings of a rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach and sometimes paranoia.

Anxiety can feel like it is controlling you, it can make you feel unconfident, scared and out of control in life.  What can actually happen as well, is when we try to consciously control the anxiety, it actually makes it worse. This is because thinking about the anxiety can provoke it, even when we are trying to avoid it. This is where our anxiety hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching for anxiety can be extremely effective.

The reasons why our anxiety hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP for anxiety are so effective, is because they work with the ‘unconscious’ part of your mind. The ‘unconscious’ mind is running in the background of our awareness on a day to day basis, 24hrs a day, for example, how we walk and talk etc. without having to think about how to do these things,  because they have been learnt in the past and stored in the ‘unconscious’ mind.  It is from this part of the mind where anxiety is also stimulated.  Anxiety has become a learnt response.

Through hypnosis and NLP for anxiety, we work with the ‘unconscious’ mind to change the anxious feelings in trigger situations. These can be replaced with feelings of confidence and control. Hypnotherapy and NLP for anxiety can also help you to begin thinking more rationally and positively on a day to day basis, these thoughts send signals to the body of calm and control, so you feel more relaxed throughout your day.

We may also explore any root cause of the problem if applicable to heal any possible trauma in the past (but only if applicable).

Through Hypnotherapy and NLP for anxiety you can discover your own inner resources. This helps you to become more relaxed, with a sense of feeling ‘grounded’ and stronger. We work on a deep level through hypnosis, implanting powerful suggestions of confidence and self worth at the core of your belief structure.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy & Anxiety NLP help by:

  • Teaching self hypnosis to lower levels of muscle tension and arousal throughout the body
  • Build inner confidence and self esteem so you remain calm even in challenging situations
  • Utilise metaphor and visualisation for you to imagine yourself behaving more calmly and confidently in trigger situations which previously provoked your anxiety
  • Create new automatic responses
  • Anxiety can be a warning that potential life changes need to be made, it can be easy to ignore the need for change as change in itself can be frightening. Often when life changes are made i.e. new work / life balance, relationship changes etc the anxiety eases. Hypnosis can help isolate any changes that need to be made, and we can work together to allow any changes to take place comfortably and at a pace that feels right for you.
  • Explore any past trauma (if applicable)

We have seen literally thousands of clients for our anxiety hypnotherapy over the years with a high success rate. If you feel you are ready to let go of your anxiety, please do contact us, we would be happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.


& the team at Hypnotherapy Associates

Some of our Testimonials for our Anxiety Hypnotherapy:

Bonita, you were right when you said I’d feel different, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, thank you so much.

Thank you Bonita it was great.  No shaking, it worked!  You are a genius.

Thank you for helping me to manage with recent bouts of anxiety I have been suffering from.  After the hypnosis sessions I now feel much more confident in myself and am well equipped to overcome future difficult moments when I may feel anxious.  Many thanks again.

Hi Bonita, just to let you know I've been really good in the last few weeks and I can positively look to the future.  Even though occasionally I have still had the odd anxious thought, I feel in a much better place to ignore them.  I feel a lot more comfortable, relaxed and happy with everything.  Thanks so much for your help.