Alcohol Abuse & Binge Drinking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to help with binge drinking and alcohol abuse

Bonita Rayner-Jones is specifically trained in Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy and has helped many clients over the years to beat their alcohol addiction or stop binge drinking.

Excessive alcohol and binge drinking can ruin your life.  It can creep up on you.  It may have started out as a drink to ‘unwind’ after work and / or binge type drinking at the weekends, when going to the pub and/or clubbing.  But alcohol can then begin to show up more often than at the weekend or the odd drink after work.  You can find yourself ‘self medicating’ with alcohol to feel confident when you go out, or to get over a break up with a partner, or maybe an argument with the boss.  Alcohol can be consumed until you blackout or feel numb. Alcohol can also fill the gap of loneliness or boredom.  The problem with alcohol is that it doesn’t address the underlying emotions linked to these situations and as the volume of alcohol is increased, life becomes more erratic and volatile, resulting in relationship problems and a possible loss of employment.

Alcohol abuse hypnotherapy and binge drinking hypnotherapy treats the underlying emotions and triggers linked to the habit of drinking alcohol, as well as removing or reducing the drinking habit itself.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching can help you overcome the alcohol abuse or binge drinking habit with the power of your unconscious mind. Alcohol makes you feel mentally weak due to the effect of the chemicals it produces in the body and mind, as well as the hopeless feelings of continuing to do something bad for you. Hypnotherapy can instil self belief to overcome the urges to drink, it helps you to begin to build a positive picture of life without drinking, so the desire to stop is increased as well as building self confidence and esteem.

Imagine how good your life could be without alcohol. Better relationships, finding love if you are single, self respect and good career prospects to name a few.

If you feel you are ready to address your alcohol consumption, however big or small, we are here to give you the right support, respect and professional alcohol addiction hypnotherapy or binge drinking hypnotherapy to move you forward from the habit.

We look forward to hearing from you.


& the team at Hypnotherapy Associates

Some of our Binge Drinking and Alcohol Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Bonita, I can’t thank you enough for guiding me out of my darkness, contacting you was the best decision I ever made.  I feel comfortable in myself, more confident and I am enjoying being on the ‘balanced road’.  All the best and thank you again.  

Client who came for stopping alcohol.  Email sent after 5 weeks:

Thank you so much, I have not had a drop, which is unusual because I love drinking!  I have lost 6 kilos in weight, without thinking about it, not that that was why I wanted to give up!
Thanks for your help.
All the best

"I had previously tried 3 other therapists to help me deal with my drinking problem. But no joy. Since having my treatment with Bonita, I now don't have an urge to drink! I am not using any 'will power'. There is no battle. I truly, just do not have a desire to drink alcohol. I needed this as my life was beginning to spiral downwards - fast. I now have control. Massive, massive thank you, Bonita!"
P Singh