Phobia Hypnotherapy

Phobias can take many forms. Some clients contact us for food phobias, which they never grew out of from childhood, other common phobias are needle phobia, flying phobia (see Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy page), dentist phobia, public transport phobia, spider phobia, snakes, mice, cats, dogs, heights phobia to name a few.

Do you feel ready to free yourself from your restricting phobia? Are you fed up of looking and feeling stupid in front of others but feel you can’t do anything to help yourself? The good news is we can help through our Phobia Hypnotherapy. We understand how restricting and upsetting phobias can be. We are specialist Phobia Hypnotherapists and we have seen literally thousands of clients over the years who have left our clinics free of their phobia and back in control.

With phobias, many times the fear is irrational, but the ‘unconscious’ part of your mind, at some point throughout your life, has learnt to fear whatever your phobia is.  This can result in heart palpitations, shaking and generally feeling very distressed and wanting to get away from whatever the thing is you are phobic of.

Phobias are often started in childhood when the young mind experiences the fearful emotion and attaches it to the object or situation. This can also happen in adulthood. It may also arise after a sensitive incident, for example, witnessing an accident or visiting the doctor or dentist. 

Phobias take many forms but the good news is, whatever your phobia, hypnotherapy & NLP for phobias can provide long term relief of the condition in a short period of time, they are very easy to treat. Most phobias are cleared after one to three sessions. We have vast experience in this area and using a mixture of Hypnotherapy and NLP, the success rates are extremely high.

Phobia Hypnotherapy & NLP helps to overcome phobias by:

  • Using trance to access the 'unconscious' part of the mind, (where the source of the phobia is stored) and re-aligns the thought processes, replacing anxiety with a more positive emotion i.e. confidence / calm
  • Desensitising the client to the stimulus i.e. spiders, flying
  • Uncovering the source of the phobia (if applicable)
  • Using hypnosis and self hypnosis techniques to increase confidence levels, this automatically counteracts feelings of anxiety
  • Learning a new, more relaxed behaviour and helping the client to become more calm in situations where they are likely to encounter the stimulus

We have helped literally thousands of clients over the years to be free of their phobia through our Phobia Hypnotherapy, so if you feel you are ready to be free of your phobia, do contact us, we are looking forward to helping you too.


Some of our Phobia Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Email from a ‘Fear of blood tests’ client: Just thought you might like to know that all was well at the appointment in London; I managed to stay calm and conscious throughout the blood tests and walk away afterwards without any problem.  Many thanks.

Email from a ‘Fear of blood tests’ client: I am writing to say a big thank you,  for what you have done for my daughter.  She has now had her second lot of blood taken and she felt a lot calmer this time. If in the future I know of anybody who is in need of a good Hypnotherapist, I will refer them to you. Thanks so much.

Text on arriving at destination sent to Bonita after one session treating an extreme flying phobia: ‘Thought I would let you know that I was 70% better on the flight here.  I didn’t get scared except take off but that was more anxiety about not having had my alcohol to get on the plane in the first place, thanks so much. Bonita went on to treat the client to move her to 100% better after the second session!

Postcard from a client in Sardinia previously experiencing an extreme flying phobia:' Thank you ever so much for getting me this far! Having a fab time!

Postcard  from fear of travel client of Eastbourne: 'Good trip down to Eastbourne very relaxing.   Many thanks.

Email from an Insect Phobia client, treated before moving to Australia!  Bonita, just wanted to email to let you know that I found your hypnotherapy treatment very effective. My fear of insects has decreased remarkably and my strongest fear, which was of spiders, has also reduced, enabling me to control my fear and stay calm around them.  I was not sure if the treatment would have any effect and I have been very pleasantly surprised!  I am also finding the self hypnosis cd's useful and will continue to listen to them.  Thank you very much for this life altering treatment!

Text from Scuba Diving Test client, treated day before test and prior to going to Egypt, to be fully qualified to do Scuba Diving.
Just to say many thanks for helping me to overcome my fear of taking off my mask underwater, putting it back on and clearing whilst taking my Padi Open Water Diving Course for my test.   After seeing you I did it in a calm, relaxed way and am very happy.   Thanks again.

I could not recommend Bonita highly enough.  She is SO lovely and understanding and easy to talk to, and it WORKS!  Bonita is worth at least 5 times as much as she charges in my opinion.  Highly recommended.

Email from Spider Phoblia Client:  Dear Bonita, thank you so much for the hypnotherapy session.  I have since moved 3 spiders to the garden!  Something I could not do before, I never thought I would see the day!  Not only could I deal with the situation calmly by myself with no anxiety, but I also wanted the spider to be OK!

Thank you SOO much! This is truly life changing for me.  I will continue to listen to the CD a few times and I will book my next session for overeating with you soon!

Amazing... Thank you.  
Noa Ward