Trauma Hypnotherapy

Bonita and her Associates in London provide a safe, secure and confidential environment for you to heal any past trauma experienced in your life.

Trauma can range from a car accident, bullying, assault, abuse, humiliation, rejection, abusive relationship, rape, medical procedures including childbirth and many other difficult experiences. 

These events can leave a lasting effect, producing feelings of anxiety and insecurity, panic attacks to phobias, general depression and tension along with nightmares and flashbacks.  You may also experience emotions like fear, anger, panic or sadness which maybe triggered by certain situations, or sometimes seem to come from nowhere. The good news is these are all symptoms that can disappear when the trauma is released through Trauma Hypnotherapy.

If you have suffered any kind of trauma, physical, emotional or sexual, then Trauma Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful and effective means available for resolving your trauma. If you think that you could benefit from our Trauma Hypnotherapy, then please do contact us. Your enquiry and treatment will be strictly confidential.

If you were abused as a child then your young mind is likely to have accepted ideas about yourself that are entirely untrue, that you are a 'bad' person, for example, or that you are worthless and you need to justify your existence, or be punished.

If you have suffered other trauma, for example an accident or difficult medical procedure, your mind may have established that the world is unsafe and people can’t be trusted.

Through Trauma Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching to heal the trauma and unlock these thoughts and feelings, you can begin to feel safe and secure once again (or maybe for the first time in your life). No more guilt, no more shame or fearfulness.

Trauma Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching for trauma can move you forward from the past so you can experience feelings of natural confidence, inner peace and a sense of ‘getting on’ with life not just as a ‘by-stander’.

Bonita and her Associates have helped many clients over the years with all manner of trauma and abuse through their Trauma Hypnotherapy and understand the pain and difficulty experienced by our clients. You will be treated with our utmost care and respect, and treated at a pace that feels right for you.

We hope we can help you too. Do contact one of us to discuss your needs in more detail and possibly arrange some sessions.

We look forward to helping you.