Love & Relationships Hypnotherapy

The Love Confidence Programme

Are you fed up of being single?  Being asked if you have found a girlfriend yet with a permanent reply of ‘No’ and a sinking feeling you are doing something wrong, or actually, not doing anything at all?  At Hypnotherapy Associates we have a great programme to help you find love and build your confidence to begin flirting more and being open to engaging with the opposite sex. 

Hypnotherapy Associates offer Love and Relationships HypnotherapyLove and intimate relationships can make us feel vulnerable and out of control. It produces thoughts and feelings, which can be ‘all consuming’.  If you have experienced these feelings before and then been hurt or rejected, your ‘unconscious’ mind maybe storing this fear of rejection and hurt, and ‘unconsciously’ keeping you away from meeting someone special.

Hollywood and childhood stories have also hindered us in accepting the reality of being in a relationship.  The vision we have as children of the ‘happy ever after’ riding off with a Damsel in distress or a perfect Princess is very rarely a reality.  Any partner we meet will be a fallible human being just like ourselves, so creating a realistic expectation of what to expect from a partner and being in a relationship is extremely important.  It is not up to any partner to be perfect and ‘rescue’ us.  Through our love and relationships hypnotherapy and NLP we can help you develop your inner security and confidence where you do not need to rescue or be ‘rescued’ in a relationship, but rather looking for love to enhance an already happy and complete self.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for love and relationships will work with the ‘unconscious’ to instil confidence in you and teach you ‘charisma’ techniques to open up communication between yourself and the opposite sex and keep them interested.   We will also work on your inner security and confidence, whereby exploration of the past can help reveal any recurring patterns of behaviour and love and relationships hypnosis can therefore, move you forward from the ‘loop’ of behaviour your mind has become stuck on so you start attracting the right kind of partner.

Hypnotherapy to help find love and relationships and create fulfillment in intimate relationships works on a number of levels:

  • Firstly, we will work on your inner security and confidence whereby exploration of the past can help reveal any recurring patterns of behaviour and our love and relationships hypnosis will move you forward from the ‘loop’ of behaviour your mind has become stuck on.
  • Secondly, we will work on a realistic vision of love and relationships, learning how to create fulfillment between you and a partner rather than expecting the illusionary love scenarios seen in the movies then being disappointed.
  • Thirdly, learning how to stay close and committed within a satisfying relationship without becoming controlling and insecure.

Whether you are already in a relationship but need help feeling secure and staying confident in it, or you are single looking for love, we can provide the help you are looking for through our love and relationships hypnotherapy. We have successfully helped many clients over the years, to go on to have happy, fulfilled futures in their love life and in general.

After the Love and Relationships Programme, your new happiness will make your love life that much better (if you are indeed with a good lady). If you are single, your new happiness will simply ooze out of your pores and make you that much more desirable to any female that lay eyes on you. As we know, happiness and confidence are the biggest aphrodisiacs and these are the main components we work on!

Bonita and Celia have helped thousands of clients develop their inner confidence and find love, why keep waiting, it could be you too....

Most clients attend for 3 to 5 sessions of our love and relationships hypnotherapy for permanent results but do contact us and we can tailor the programme to your individual needs.

We looking forward to helping you find love too through our love and relationship hypnotherapy.

Bonita & the Associates in London

Hi Bonita - I wanted to message you directly to say a massive 'thank you'! I am now happily married and have a 9 month baby boy. It is very fair to say that coming to see you completely changed my life. Hope all is well with you and the new year is proving to be a brilliant year so far! All the best.

“I came to my first appointment and left after my last appointment with Bonita feeling completely different, I feel I have my old self back. I noticed a drastic improvement in my self-esteem, confidence and happiness levels, even after the first hypnotherapy session. All in all, I managed to save my relationship and feel ‘my old self’ again which I put down to a number of things in which Bonita played a key part.”
James Washington