Anorexia Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for anorexia

Bonita and her Associates in London along with Celia in Ipswich are all qualified in Medical Hypnotherapy as Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy Specialists to help with anorexia and have over ten years experience in anorexia hypnotherapy.

Have you got to the stage where you want to start enjoying life, to go out, mix with friends, maybe have a better relationship with friends and family instead of one of managing their worry and fear about your weight and eating habits?

Controlling food and weight may have originally started to give you a sense of power and control in your life, for some it feels like the ‘one thing’ they can control. Unfortunately, as the food is withheld over a period of time, the mind and body stop functioning proficiently causing a distortion on reality and any rational thinking. The control which was once sought, escalates to actually feeling powerless to the anorexia.

Anorexia hypnotherapy helps you move forward from the illness. We understand the complexities of anorexia. We treat a clients on a ‘holistic’ basis, working with you as a ‘whole’ person, not just focusing on the food.  With the right support, your feelings, anxieties and fears can be expressed in a caring environment where hypnotherapy can help to bring about a sense of security and balance. With this sense of security and balance in place, always feeling safe, you can begin to feel more comfortable allowing a little more food into your body to get your strength and power back to live the life you deserve.

We do not rush you, belittle you or force you to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you, you are in control, we as the Anorexia Hypnotherapists act as guide.

Anorexia hypnotherapy instils a sense of inner calm, more rational thinking and feeling around body image and food to give you real ‘control’ of your life, so that it is you, not the anorexia that takes control!

Through the treatment of hypnotherapy for your anorexia you can begin to feel ‘normal’ and relaxed in social environments, noticing a sense of comfort in yourself and realise a shift in your day to day focus, away from obstructive, obsessive thoughts around food and more towards more everyday activities.

Anorexia hypnotherapy will instil a sense of trust and security within you, so you begin to feel in control of your feelings, actions and thoughts. 

If you feel ready, do give us a call regarding our Anorexia hypnotherapy programme, we have helped many clients to lead good lives after anorexia. It is possible.

We hope to hear from you.

Bonita & Celia

& the team at Hypnotherapy Associates