Hypnotherapy in London and Hypnotherapy in Ipswich

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Associates, where we provide hypnotherapy in London and the Ipswich area of Suffolk. We also provide NLP and coaching in London and Ipswich for a breadth of help from gaining more confidence to losing weight, reducing anxiety, increasing well-being plus much more.  We, being the Hypnotherapists and Coaches in London, Bonita and her excellent associates in London as well as Celia in Ipswich.  We are senior hypnotherapists and coaches who established Hypnotherapy Associates over 10 years ago in London's Harley Street and Ipswich.  We wanted to provide hypnotherapy and hypnosis that gives not only extraordinary outcomes for our clients, allowing them to live beyond their expectations, but also to provide a comfortable, safe and professional environment where our clients feel secure to fully explore and awaken inner resources that allow change to happen.  We take our hypnotherapy very seriously, we bring you contemporary, evidence based Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching that you can trust and have confidence in. Bonita and her Associate Hypnotherapists in London and Celia in Ipswich provide hypnotherapy for weight loss, hypnotherapy to stop smoking, hypnotherapy for phobias along with hypnotherapy for confidence plus much more.  Bonita is also an Advanced Transformational Coach if longer term coaching is something you would benefit from.

If you require a Hypnotherapist in London, we offer appointments on until late into the evening weekdays and Saturdays by both Bonita and her wonderful, highly qualified Associate Hypnotherapists at the Harley Street practice. Whatever you need help with, our hypnotherapy practices in both London and Suffolk are looking forward to welcoming you to the clinics.  Don't put off any longer living happier and enjoying more a sense of well-being in your life, we are ready to help.

Through the latest advances available within Hypnotherapy and NLP today, our clients are enabled to ‘take the lead’ in their lives, being able to overcome fears, anxieties and doubts which have been holding them back. For example, we offer hypnotherapy for fears including fear of public speaking hypnotherapy, fear of flying hypnotherapy, anxiety hypnotherapy, along with weight loss hypnotherapy and stop smoking hypnotherapy plus much more. Fears can stop us letting go of a detrimental habits even though we know the habit is bad for us.  Through our hypnotherapy and NLP in London and Ipswich, our clients have been able to free themselves from fears connected to detrimental habits and gain confidence to build a better, more fulfilled future in any area of their lives be it personally at work or both!

As well as hypnotherapy to help our clients with weight loss and stop smoking etc. we also provide career coaching, business coaching and life coaching for longer term work.  Hypnotherapy also helps with fertility and childbirth.  You may wander why hypnotherapy helps so many problems?  Our emotions are intrinsically connected to virtually every area of our lives, so when our emotions and inner confidence are balanced, the outcome is profound, where many barriers to enjoying life and letting go of old habits break down, and life becomes free, open and pleasurable.

The Hypnotherapists behind Hypnotherapy Associates are Bonita Rayner-Jones and Celia Stephenson-Bird. Both Bonita and Celia are Senior Qualified Hypnotherapists, Master NLP Practitioners and are Senior Members of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.  Bonita is also a Certified Advanced Transformational Coach and holds an MSc in Psychology from Goldsmiths University.  Bonita also employs a team of wonderful Hypnotherapists in London.

Bonita is also the Telegraph's Health & Wellbeing Specialist and regularly writes for the Telegraph advising on health matters.  Bonita also appeared recently in the Daily Mail providing hypnosis for IBS wih an excellent outcome. Her practice in Harley St has been featured as one of the ‘London Evening Standards’ ‘Harley Street Heroes’. (For further articles please see our press page).

We’re glad you found us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Bonita & Celia
and the Associates in London