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Nov 2011
  • Is your phobia limiting your life?


    by on Fri 18 Nov 2011 15:28:54 GMT

    A friend told me about climbing a mountain. She was phobic about heights but really wanted to climb a mountain in Wales, Pen Y Fan, a mountain of nearly 3,000 ft! She was with a friend who was 70 years old, who climbed the almost vertical slope to the top of the mountain with ease.   This 70 year old lived in Wales and was used to climbing the montain frequently, so had no problem in going up because, she had the BELIEF that she could reach the top, despite her relatively advanced age. My friend followed her example, and even though she was scared of heights, she had had hypnotherapy which enabled her to overcome her fears and use her skills to climb the mountain, one step at a time, until she reached the top!

    Sometimes it is limiting BELIEFS that stop us from doing the things we really want to do; so when we let go those negative, limiting beliefs and take on more positive attitudes, we can find the strength of purpose to practice moving forward to successful change, one step at a time. We at Hypnotherapy Associates use leading edge techniques that are practical and effective in helping people to make the positive changes they want in life.

    At my practice at Barrack Lane Medical Centre in Ipswich I specialise in helping people to overcome fears and phobias, whether it's a phobia about making a presentation in public; fear of spiders, very common at this time of year; fear of using public transport, as described in Michael Sullivan's article fear of heights, or any other phobia.

    At Hypnotherapy Associates we regularly enable people to overcome phobias of this kind so that they go about their daily lives free of debilitating fear.

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